Annual General Meeting of LBI ehf. - 18 April 2018

The Annual General Meeting of LBI ehf., reg. no. 540291-2259, will be held at Hilton Reykjavik Nordica Hotel at Sudurlandsbraut 2 in Reykjavik, on 18 April 2018. The meeting will commence at 10 AM.

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LBI wins 11 Money Market cases at the Reykjavik District Court

On 28 March 2018, the Reykjavik District Court announced its judgment in 11 Money Market test cases rejecting all claims against LBI but not awarding any legal cost.  These 11 cases were selected as test cases from a pool of 219 similar Money Market cases against LBI.  

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LBI's Financial Statements for 2017

LBI's Financial Statements for 2017 have now been released on LBI's website under

LBI will host an investor call to present and discuss the results tomorrow Wednesday 21 March at 14:00 Reykjavik (GMT), 14:00 London (BST) and 10:00 New York time (EDT). The presentation for tomorrow's call is also available on LBI's web under The investor call will be recorded and subsequently made available on LBI’s website for those investors unable to attend.

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LBI loses six remaining voiding cases in the District Court

On Friday 22 December 2017, the District Court of Reykjavik announced its verdict on the six remaining court cases regarding claims for voiding. In all instances, LBI claims for rescission were rejected by the court on the basis that the payment appeared ordinary under the circumstances. LBI will review whether to appeal the rulings.

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Scheduled payment confirmed to be €140,464,677

Pursuant to 9.1(c) of the Conditions, and in furtherance of the Payment Notice issued on the 5 December 2017, the Issuer hereby notifies the Noteholders that the final amount of Euro Equivalent Available Cash paid on the 15 December 2017 will be €140,464,677.

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